General Election 2013
National Assembly
  Result StatusReturned CandidateParty AffiliationVotes Obtained
1 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
2 AnnouncedHamid Ul HaqPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf79125
3 AnnouncedSajid NawazPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf66528
4 AnnouncedGULZAR KHANPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf55134
5 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
6 AnnouncedSiraj Muhammad KhanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf54266
7 AnnouncedMaulana Muhammad Gohar ShahJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)53610
8 AnnouncedAftab Ahmad Khan SherpaoQaumi Watan Party (Sherpao)37044
9 AnnouncedAmir Haider KhanAwami National Party44769
10 AnnouncedAli Muhammad KhanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf46531
11 AnnouncedMujahid AliPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf38233
12 AnnouncedEngineer Usman Khan TarrakaiAwami Jamhuri Ittehad Pakistan56680
13 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
14 AnnouncedShehryar AfridiPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf68129
15 AnnouncedNasir Khan KhattakPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf51481
16 AnnouncedKhial Zaman Aurak ZaiPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf24067
17 AnnouncedDr Muhammad Azhar Khan JadoonPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf96549
18 AnnouncedMurtaza Javed AbbasiPakistan Muslim League (N)69839
19 AnnouncedRaja Aamer ZamanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf116979
20 AnnouncedSardar Muhammad YousafPakistan Muslim League (N)106467
21 AnnouncedCapt R Muhammad SafdarPakistan Muslim League (N)91013
22 AnnouncedQari Mohammad YousifJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)18572
23 AnnouncedSarzameenIndependent17498
24 AnnouncedMolana Fazal Ur RehmanJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)92395
25 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
26 AnnouncedAkram Khan DurraniJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)78294
27 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
28 AnnouncedSher Akbar KhanJamaat-e-Islami Pakistan29170
29 AnnouncedMURAD SAEEDPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf88513
30 AnnouncedSalim RehmanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf49976
31 AnnouncedIBADULLAHPakistan Muslim League (N)30916
32 AnnouncedIftikhar ud DinAll Pakistan Muslim League29772
33 AnnouncedSahibzada Tariq UllahJamaat-e-Islami Pakistan42582
34 AnnouncedShahib Zada Muhammad YaqubJamaat-e-Islami Pakistan49475
35 AnnouncedJunaid AkbarPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf51312
36 AnnouncedBilal RehmanIndependent9005
37 AnnouncedMr. Sajid Hussain TuriIndependent30524
38 Postponed  0
39 AnnouncedSyed Ghazi Gulab JamalIndependent7922
40 AnnouncedMuhammad Nazir KhanIndependent18055
41 AnnouncedGhalib KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)8022
42 AnnouncedMuhammad Jamal ud DinJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)3468
43 AnnouncedBismillah KhanIndependent13929
44 AnnouncedShahab Ud Din KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)15114
45 AnnouncedAlhaj Shah Jee Gul AfridiIndependent29697
46 AnnouncedNasir KhanIndependent4135
47 AnnouncedQaisar JamalPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf11328
48 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
49 AnnouncedDr. Tariq Fazal ChudharyPakistan Muslim League (N)94106
50 AnnouncedSHAHID KHAQAN ABBASIPakistan Muslim League (N)134439
51 AnnouncedRAJA MUHAMMAD JAVED IKHLASPakistan Muslim League (N)121067
52 AnnouncedCH NISAR ALI KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)133143
53 AnnouncedGhulam Sarwar khanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf110593
54 AnnouncedMALIK IBRAR AHMEDPakistan Muslim League (N)76336
55 AnnouncedSHEIKH RASHID AHMEDAwami Muslim League Pakistan88627
56 AnnouncedImran KhanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf80577
57 AnnouncedSheikh Aftab AhmedPakistan Muslim League (N)59920
58 AnnouncedMalik Ihtebar KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)85244
59 AnnouncedMuhammad Zain EllahiIndependent60284
60 AnnouncedMajor Rtd Tahir IqbalPakistan Muslim League (N)130821
61 AnnouncedSARDAR MUMTAZ KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)114282
62 AnnouncedChaudhry Khadim HussainPakistan Muslim League (N)102230
63 AnnouncedMALIK IQBAL MEHDI KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)116013
64 AnnouncedPir Muhammad Amin ul Hasnat ShahPakistan Muslim League (N)151690
65 AnnouncedMOHSIN SHAH NAWAZ RANJHAPakistan Muslim League (N)102871
66 AnnouncedChudhary Hamid HameedPakistan Muslim League (N)133085
67 AnnouncedDr. Zulfiqar Ali BhattiPakistan Muslim League (N)109132
68 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
69 AnnouncedSumaira MalikPakistan Muslim League (N)119193
70 AnnouncedMALIK SHAKIR BASHIR AWANPakistan Muslim League (N)94594
71 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
72 AnnouncedAmjid Ali KhanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf126088
73 AnnouncedABDUL MAJEED KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)97688
74 AnnouncedDr Muhammad Afzal Khan DhandlaIndependent118196
75 AnnouncedGhulam Rasool SahiPakistan Muslim League (N)130300
76 AnnouncedMuhammad Tallal ChoudharyPakistan Muslim League (N)101797
77 AnnouncedMuhammad Asim NazeerPakistan Muslim League (N)98057
78 AnnouncedRAJAB ALI KHAN BALOCHPakistan Muslim League (N)88162
79 AnnouncedCHOUDHRY MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ BABARPakistan Muslim League (N)118516
80 AnnouncedMian Muhammad FarooqPakistan Muslim League (N)96039
81 AnnouncedNISAR AHMADPakistan Muslim League (N)122041
82 AnnouncedRana Muhammad Afzal KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)126349
83 Terminated Vacant Under Section 18 of ROPA0
84 AnnouncedABID ALIPakistan Muslim League (N)103176
85 AnnouncedHAJI MUHAMMAD AKRAM ANSARIPakistan Muslim League (N)124591
86 AnnouncedQaiser Ahmad SheikhPakistan Muslim League (N)77512
87 AnnouncedGhulam Muhammad LaliPakistan Muslim League (N)93651
88 AnnouncedGHULAM BIBI BHARWANAPakistan Muslim League (N)87002
89 AnnouncedSheikh Muhammad AkramPakistan Muslim League (N)74324
90 AnnouncedSAHIBZADA MOHAMMAD NAZIRIndependent52106
91 AnnouncedNajaf Abbas SialIndependent91301
92 AnnouncedCHAUDHRY KHALID JAVED WARRAICHPakistan Muslim League (N)91903
93 AnnouncedMUHAMMAD JUNAID ANWAAR CHAUDHRYPakistan Muslim League (N)117534
94 AnnouncedCh Asad Ur RehmanPakistan Muslim League (N)103581
95 AnnouncedUSMAN IBRAHIMPakistan Muslim League (N)108457
96 AnnouncedENGR KHURRAM DASTGIR KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)105182
97 AnnouncedCHAUDHRY MAHMOOD BASHIR VIRKPakistan Muslim League (N)104638
98 AnnouncedMian Tariq MehmoodPakistan Muslim League (N)118832
99 AnnouncedRana Umer Nazir KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)97143
100 AnnouncedAzhar Qayyum NahraPakistan Muslim League (N)89826
101 AnnouncedJustice R Iftikhar Ahmad CheemaPakistan Muslim League (N)99924
102 AnnouncedSaira Afzal TararPakistan Muslim League (N)93691
103 Terminated Election declared void by ECP0
104 AnnouncedNAWABZADA MAZHER ALIPakistan Muslim League (N)85113
105 AnnouncedCh. Pervaiz EllahiPakistan Muslim League78171
106 AnnouncedCh Jaffar IqbalPakistan Muslim League (N)83024
107 AnnouncedCh. Abid RazaPakistan Muslim League (N)94196
108 AnnouncedMuhammad Ijaz Ahmed ChaudharyIndependent85009
109 AnnouncedNasar Iqbal BosalPakistan Muslim League (N)135501
110 AnnouncedKhawaja Muhammad AsifPakistan Muslim League (N)92848
111 AnnouncedChaudry Armaghan SubhaniPakistan Muslim League (N)137474
112 AnnouncedRana Shamim Ahmed KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)129571
113 AnnouncedSyed Iftikhar ul HassanPakistan Muslim League (N)118192
114 AnnouncedZAHID HAMIDPakistan Muslim League (N)131607
115 AnnouncedMIAN MUHAMMAD RASHEEDPakistan Muslim League (N)71493
116 AnnouncedDANIYAL AZIZPakistan Muslim League (N)91409
117 AnnouncedAHSAN IQBALPakistan Muslim League (N)95481
118 AnnouncedMuhammad Riaz MalikPakistan Muslim League (N)103346
119 AnnouncedMuhammad Hamza Shehbaz SharifPakistan Muslim League (N)107735
120 AnnouncedMuhammad Nawaz SharifPakistan Muslim League (N)91683
121 AnnouncedMEHAR ISHTIAQ AHMADPakistan Muslim League (N)114474
122 AnnouncedSARDAR AYAZ SADIQPakistan Muslim League (N)93389
123 AnnouncedMuhammad Pervaiz MalikPakistan Muslim League (N)126878
124 AnnouncedShaikh Rohale AsgharPakistan Muslim League (N)119312
125 AnnouncedKhawaja Saad RafiquePakistan Muslim League (N)123416
126 AnnouncedShafqat MehmoodPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf97785
127 AnnouncedWaheed Alam KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)102080
128 AnnouncedMuhammad Afzal KhokharPakistan Muslim League (N)124107
129 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
130 AnnouncedSOHAIL SHOUKAT BUTTPakistan Muslim League (N)88842
131 AnnouncedRANA AFZAAL HUSSAINPakistan Muslim League (N)73742
132 AnnouncedRana Tanveer HussainPakistan Muslim League (N)93140
133 AnnouncedMian Javed LatifPakistan Muslim League (N)68909
134 AnnouncedSardar Muhammad Irfan DogarPakistan Muslim League (N)44397
135 AnnouncedMuhammad Barjees TahirPakistan Muslim League (N)82150
136 AnnouncedChudhary Bilal Ahmed VirkPakistan Muslim League (N)73775
137 AnnouncedRai Mansab Ali KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)61329
138 AnnouncedSALMAN HANIFPakistan Muslim League (N)75694
139 AnnouncedWASEEM AKHTAR SHAIKHPakistan Muslim League (N)102565
140 AnnouncedRasheed Ahmad KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)69212
141 AnnouncedRANA MUHAMMAD ISHAQ KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)96737
142 AnnouncedRana Muhammad Hayat KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)85243
143 AnnouncedCH NADEEM ABBAS REBERAPakistan Muslim League (N)90652
144 Announcedmuhammad arif chPakistan Muslim League (N)105162
145 AnnouncedSyed Muhammad Ashiq Hussain ShahPakistan Muslim League (N)89025
146 AnnouncedRao Muhammad Ajmal KhanPakistan Muslim League (N)109998
147 AnnouncedMUHAMMAD MOEEN WATTOOPakistan Muslim League (N)87266
148 AnnouncedMalik Abdul Ghaffar DogarPakistan Muslim League (N)81830
149 AnnouncedMakhdoom javaid Hussain HashmiPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf83640
150 AnnouncedMakhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain QureshiPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf92761
151 AnnouncedSkindar Hayyat khan BosanPakistan Muslim League (N)95714
152 AnnouncedSyed Javed Ali ShahPakistan Muslim League (N)81015
153 AnnouncedDewan Ashiq Hussain BukhariPakistan Muslim League (N)94413
154 AnnouncedMuhammad Siddique Khan BalochIndependent86177
155 AnnouncedAbdul Rehman Khan KanjuIndependent85452
156 AnnouncedMohammad Raza Hayat HirajIndependent79675
157 AnnouncedMuhammad Khan DahaPakistan Muslim League (N)96162
158 AnnouncedASLAM BODLAPakistan Muslim League (N)94050
159 AnnouncedChoudhary Iftikhar NazirPakistan Muslim League (N)116903
160 AnnouncedSYED IMRAN AHMAD SHAHPakistan Muslim League (N)99553
161 AnnouncedCHAUDHARY MUHAMMAD ASHRAFPakistan Muslim League (N)94012
162 AnnouncedRAI HASAN NAWAZ KHANPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf88974
163 AnnouncedCHAUDHRY MUHAMMAD MUNIR AZHARPakistan Muslim League (N)89126
164 AnnouncedSARDAR MANSAB ALI DOGARPakistan Muslim League (N)67984
165 AnnouncedSYED MUHAMMAD ATHAR HUSSAIN SHAH GILLANIPakistan Muslim League (N)71804
166 AnnouncedRANA ZAHID HUSSAIN KHANPakistan Muslim League (N)87209
167 AnnouncedChaudhary Nazeer AhmadPakistan Muslim League (N)99907
168 AnnouncedSajid MehdiPakistan Muslim League (N)69049
169 AnnouncedTahir Iqbal ChIndependent89673
170 AnnouncedSaeed Ahmed Khan ManaisPakistan Muslim League (N)83895
171 AnnouncedSARDAR MUHAMMAD AMJAD FAROOQ KHAN KHOSAPakistan Muslim League (N)62849
172 AnnouncedHafiz Abdul KareemPakistan Muslim League (N)49230
173 AnnouncedSardar Awais Ahmad Khan LeghariIndependent82521
174 AnnouncedSardar Muhammad Jaffar Khan LeghariPakistan Muslim League (N)101705
175 AnnouncedDoctor Hafeez ur Rehman Khan DrishakPakistan Muslim League (N)110573
176 AnnouncedMalik Sultan MehmoodPakistan Muslim League (N)88322
177 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
178 AnnouncedJAMSHED AHMAD DASTIIndependent79417
179 AnnouncedMakhdoomzada S B A SultanPakistan Muslim League (N)110197
180 AnnouncedASHIQ HUSSAIN KHANIndependent72044
181 AnnouncedSahibzada Faiz ul HassanPakistan Muslim League (N)119403
182 AnnouncedSyed Muhammad Saqlain BukhariPakistan Muslim League (N)85292
183 AnnouncedMakhdoom Syed Ali Hassan GillaniPakistan Muslim League (N)61891
184 AnnouncedMIAN NAJIBUDDIN AWAISIPakistan Muslim League (N)94429
185 AnnouncedMuhammad Baligh ur RehmanPakistan Muslim League (N)88379
186 AnnouncedMian Riaz Hussain PeerzadaPakistan Muslim League (N)74491
187 AnnouncedTariq Bashir CheemaPakistan Muslim League92972
188 AnnouncedSYED MUHAMMAD ASGHARIndependent90537
189 AnnouncedALAM DAD LALEKAPakistan Muslim League (N)95060
190 AnnouncedTahir Bashir CheemaPakistan Muslim League (N)83353
191 AnnouncedMUHAMMAD IJAZ UL HAQPakistan Muslim League(Z)79306
192 AnnouncedKhwaja Ghulam Rasool KorejaPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians80499
193 AnnouncedSHEIKH FAYYAZ UD DINPakistan Muslim League (N)86232
194 AnnouncedMakhdoom Khusro BakhtiarIndependent64272
195 AnnouncedMakhdoom Syed Mustafa MehmoodPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians97778
196 AnnouncedMian Imtiaz AhmedPakistan Muslim League (N)106595
197 AnnouncedMUHAMMAD ARSHAD KHAN LAGHARIPakistan Muslim League (N)80944
198 AnnouncedNauman Islam ShaikhPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians52684
199 AnnouncedSyed Khursheed Ahmed ShahPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians85120
200 AnnouncedAli Gohar Khan MaharPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians86579
201 AnnouncedAli Muhammad Khan MaharPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians124472
202 AnnouncedMuhammad Ibrahim JatoiNational Peoples Party54890
203 AnnouncedGhous Bux Khan MaharPakistan Muslim League (F)77065
204 AnnouncedMohammad Ayaz SoomroPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians50128
205 AnnouncedNazir Ahmed BughioPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians65720
206 AnnouncedMir Aamir Ali Khan MagsiPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians87789
207 AnnouncedFaryal TalpurPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians83918
208 AnnouncedAijaz Hussain JakhraniPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians51025
209 AnnouncedMir Shabbir Ali BijaraniPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians54881
210 AnnouncedIhsan ur Rahman MazariPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians55808
211 AnnouncedRais Ghulam Murtaza JatoiNational Peoples Party83960
212 AnnouncedAsghar Ali ShahPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians93884
213 AnnouncedDr Azra Fazal PechuhoPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians113199
214 AnnouncedSyed Ghulam Mustafa ShahPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians135502
215 AnnouncedNawab Ali WassanPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians91809
216 AnnouncedPir Sadruddin ShahPakistan Muslim League (F)86982
217 AnnouncedSyed Qazim Ali ShahPakistan Muslim League (F)75862
218 AnnouncedMakhdoom Muhammad Ameen FahimPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians95724
219 AnnouncedKhalid Maqbool SiddiquiMuttahidda Qaumi Movement141035
220 AnnouncedSyed Waseem HussainMuttahidda Qaumi Movement135886
221 AnnouncedSyed Amir Ali Shah JamotePakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians59821
222 AnnouncedSYED NAVEED QAMARPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians100095
223 AnnouncedABDUL SATTAR BACHANIPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians91956
224 AnnouncedSardar Kamal Khan ChangPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians128723
225 AnnouncedDr Fehmida MirzaPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians110738
226 AnnouncedPIR SHAFQAT HUSSAIN SHAH JILANIPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians82017
227 AnnouncedMir Munawar Ali TalpurPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians113218
228 AnnouncedNawab Muhammad Yousif TalpurPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians99700
229 AnnouncedFaqir Sher Muhammad BilalaniPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians88218
230 AnnouncedPir Noor Muhammad Shah jeelaniPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians61903
231 AnnouncedMalik Asad SikandarPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians129500
232 AnnouncedRafique Ahmed JamaliPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians76876
233 AnnouncedMR.Imran Zafar LeghariPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians110292
234 AnnouncedPir Bux JunejoPakistan Muslim League (F)90787
235 AwaitedVacant Under Article 223 0
236 AnnouncedRoshan Din JunejoPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians100906
237 Terminated By Order of High Court of Sindh0
238 AnnouncedSyed Ayaz Ali Shah SheeraziIndependent88954
239 AnnouncedMohammad Salman Khan BalochMuttahidda Qaumi Movement39251
240 AnnouncedSohail Mansoor KhawajaMuttahidda Qaumi Movement87805
241 AnnouncedSyed Akhter ul Iqbal QadriMuttahidda Qaumi Movement95584
242 AnnouncedMehboob AlamMuttahidda Qaumi Movement166836
243 AnnouncedAbdul WaseemMuttahidda Qaumi Movement192638
244 AnnouncedSheikh SalahuddinMuttahidda Qaumi Movement133885
245 AnnouncedMuhammad Rehan HashmiMuttahidda Qaumi Movement115776
246 AnnouncedSardar Nabeel Ahmed GabolMuttahidda Qaumi Movement137874
247 AnnouncedSufyan YousufMuttahidda Qaumi Movement126263
248 AnnouncedShahJahan BalochPakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians84530
249 AnnouncedDr. Muhammad Farooq SattarMuttahidda Qaumi Movement109952
250 AnnouncedArif ur Rehman AlviPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf76305
251 AnnouncedSyed Ali Raza AbidiMuttahidda Qaumi Movement81603
252 AnnouncedAdbul Rashid GodilMuttahidda Qaumi Movement91339
253 AnnouncedMuhammad Muzammil QureshiMuttahidda Qaumi Movement101386
254 Terminated Vacant Under Section 18 of ROPA0
255 AnnouncedSyed Asif HasnainMuttahidda Qaumi Movement136982
256 AnnouncedIqbal Muhammad Ali KhanMuttahidda Qaumi Movement151788
257 AnnouncedSajid AhmedMuttahidda Qaumi Movement125405
258 AnnouncedAbdul Hakeem BalochPakistan Muslim League (N)52751
259 AnnouncedMehmood Khan AchakzaiPukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party38552
260 AnnouncedAbdul Rahim MandokhailPukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party30338
261 AnnouncedMoulvi Agha MuhammadJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)48712
262 AwaitedVacant Under Section 18 of ROPA 0
263 AnnouncedMolana Ameer ZamanJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)31031
264 AnnouncedMoulana Mohammad Khan SheraniJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)30870
265 AnnouncedMir Dostain Khan DomkiIndependent22874
266 AnnouncedZafarullah Khan JamaliIndependent41604
267 AnnouncedKhalid Hussain MagsiIndependent42240
268 AnnouncedSardar Kamal Khan BangulzaiNational Party19873
269 AnnouncedMolana Qamar DinJamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F)26028
270 AnnouncedJam Kamal KhanIndependent56658
271 AnnouncedLt.Gen R Abdul Qadir BalochPakistan Muslim League (N)7388
272 AnnouncedSayed Essa NoriBalochistan National Party15835