• Development of infrastructure and capacity building of the offices of the Election Commission of Pakistan spread all over the country.
  • Assessment for strengthening infrastructure of the ECP’s offices for more conducive working environment.
  • Formulation of Annual Development Program in line with the policy guidelines and decision of Hon’ble Commission.
  • Acquisition of land/plots for RECs/DECs offices all over the country.
  • Appraisal, Finalization and Processing of PC-IIs / PC-Is of ECP projects in coordination with all PECs/ field offices of ECP
  • Coordination/Liaison with executing agencies i.e., Pak PWD , CDA for construction of ECP buildings , boundary walls etc.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of on-going and completed projects/works; identification of bottlenecks and initiation of remedial measures.
  • Initiation of cases of development of sites, construction /execution of office buildings for ECP Secretariat/PECs/RECs and DECs .
  • Collecting details of missing facilities in completed projects/buildings of ECP.
  • Coordination with Ministry of Planning, Pak PWD, CDA and other relevant offices of ECP in headquarter and field. Scrutiny of Estimates prepared by Pak PWD for Development works.


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