General Elections 2024

CEC Message For Conducting Successful General Elections 2024

Form-68 regarding submission of details of Campaign finance by the Political Parties

Return of Election Expenses Form


Form-45, Form-46, Form-48, Form-49


Form-47(scanned) Provisional Result - General Elections 2024



Form-47 Provisional Results Dashboard


Gender and Social Inclusion:

Spokespersons ECP Contact Details

  • Ms Nighat Siddiqui  Spokesperson / Additional Director General G&SI/Training (Office Landline# 051-9217130, Cell# 0331-8544218)
  • Mr. Hamid Raza Khan - Spokesperson / Director MCO (Office Landline # 051-9202971, Cell#0333-5023333)
  • ECP Helpline No: 051-111-327-000
  • ECP Whatsapp Complaint No: 0327-5050610
  • Email ID:


SOPs for filling of recounting applications


Instructions regarding Form-45


Awareness Videos:

Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI):

Final Polling Scheme (Form-28)

List of Contesting Candidates (Form-33)


The Election Act, 2017 and Election Rules 2017


Code Of Conduct

Election Monitoring and Control Center

Election Schedule
Training Material:

Training Material - General Elections 2024


Political Parties enlisted with ECP




General Information
Latest Voters Statistics:
Nomination Forms:

Form-A Nomination Form for Election to an Assembly-Senate - English  

Form-A Nomination Form for Election to an Assembly-Senate - Urdu

Note: The nomination forms placed above are only for information purpose. These Forms cannot be used for filing.

Monitoring Notification:


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