Mr. Masood Akhtar Sherwani

Director General ( Political Finance )

Masood Akhtar Sherwani, presently posted as Director General Political Finance in the Secretariat of the Election Commission of Pakistan. He heads the Political Finance Wing and deals with following areas;

• Enlistment of Political Parties

• Allotment of Election Symbols

• Assets & Liabilities Return of Parliamentarians

• Annual Statement of Accounts of Political Parties

• Election Expenses reported by Candidates

• Campaign Finance reported by Political Parties

Besides, the following segments of the ECP Secretariat report to him:

• Budget

• Accounts

• General Services (GS)

Before employment in Election Commission, the officer was posted with the Auditor General of Pakistan as Deputy Auditor General (Policy), AGPR, Dy MAG and DG Audit as an officer of Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service.

Under his guidance, the Political Finance Wing has embarked on an ambitious IT transformation of the whole Political Finance Wing through an indigenous development of a customized software for digitisation encompassing its database, networking with stakeholders, business process re-engineering, lateral integration with external databases, process orchestration, data analytics and system-based scrutiny of accounts of Political Parties and members of Parliament. The PF module so developed will dove-tail with ECP's ERP, already on course, for an ECP-level data integration.

DG PF plans to integrate Budget and Accounts Branches of ECP with FABS and also develop a software for GS to encompass its inventory and printing aspects.

The Political Finance Wing aims to develop horizontally and vertically in professional terms to match the progressive, pro-active, forward-looking, institutionalized vision of the Hon'ble Chief Election Commissioner.

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