Law Wing Responsibilities 
  • 1. To assist the Hon’ble Commission on constitutional and legal matters
  • 2. To render opinion in the matters/files referred by the other branches of the Hon’ble Commission.
  • 3. Initiation of process of engagement/hiring of legal advisors on contract basis for pursuing the cases of the Hon’ble Commission keeping in view the pendency of the cases before the Courts. Likewise, engagement/hiring of private counsel/advocate for filing petitions, appeals, etc and defending the ECP in the cases before the august Supreme Court and High Courts in important and high profile cases/matters.
  • 4. Appointment of Election Tribunals for the trial and disposal of election petitions arising out of General Elections or local government elections or Cantonment elections and issuance of
  • notification of appointment of said Tribunals accordingly.
  • 5. Vetting of legal reports/comments for the ECP as well as for the Courts, Tribunals and
  • Commissions, etc.
  • 6. Appearance before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan and Hon’ble High Courts and
  • District Courts in all cases of the ECP as and when required for the assistance in any Court
  • of Law throughout Pakistan.
  • 7. To conduct research of case laws from the law books/journals manually as well from the
  • Pakistan Law Site and preparation of research notes for the cases of this Hon’ble
  • Commission as and when required, the Hon’ble High Courts and particularly the august
  • Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • 8. Participation in the important meetings of the Commission and provision of legal input where
  • required.
  • 9. To manage and maintain record of all cases, petitions either pending or decided by the
  • Hon’ble Courts/Tribunals,
  • 10. Issuing instructions to the Senior Law Officers of all provinces including to the Legal
  • Advisors on the panel of the ECP for effective representation of the ECP in different Courts
  • across the Country to follow-up the services of notices issued by the Courts.
  • 11. To prepare and arrange all cases for the Commission well before the hearing and hand over
  • the same to the private secretaries of the Honorable CEC and Honorable members.
  • 12. To ensure timely issuance of notices and ensure its service. The notices /date of hearing
  • shall also be communicated through SMS and other quickest means Notices shall also be
  • uploaded on ECP website.
  • 13. To prepare monthly statement of Institution and disposal of cases filed and decided in the
  • commission and submit the same for the perusal of the Honorable CEC and the
  • Commission.


Contact No: 051-9216663

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