Message from Hon’ble Secretary ECP

On behalf of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), we are pleased to share with you “A Pictorial Journey of Special Initiatives” taken at ECP during 2020-2021. This Pictorial Journey of Special Initiatives offers the Commission a channel to colourfully highlight the milestones achieved in last two years. In this Pictorial, you will see hard work and commitment by the organization to conduct elections honestly, justly, fairly and in conformity with law. It is the Commission's endeavor to ensure merit and rule of law in discharge of duties. Electioneering is a continuous process and ECP itself is going through important evolutionary changes. Taking meaningful steps for improvement will enhance voters' trust into the whole democratic process. An important aspect in bringing into the voters’ fold is involving our youth. The role of youth in strengthening the democratic values of a country is imperative. For the first time, we conducted around 264 mass students' Voter Education and Awareness sessions in a short time period of 5 months across the country in major universities and colleges to mainstream the youth into electoral process and sensitize them on the power of ballot. Students' voter education & awareness campaign will continue till General Election -2023. ECP is equally sensitized on participation of marginalized, and vulnerable groups in the electoral process and making it inclusive and thereby strengthening the credibility of our Elections

As per Strategic plan of ECP 2019-2023, ECP has taken special measures and improved our administrative functions through review and rationalization of posts, induction of professional trainers and Human Resource including more women. To modernize electoral process using enabling different technologies, we have expanded IT Wing and have established PMU for latest technologies including overseas voters and EVMs. Media Wing has been expanded in Media Communication and Outreach Wing. A new Monitoring & Evaluation Wing is being set up. A Research and Development Center is in place and digital footprint is being enhanced. As a Commission, we are mindful of our constitutional commitments to conduct free, fair and transparent elections . I thank you for taking the time to go through this Pictorial Journey of Special Initiatives. I assure that ECP would take all necessary actions to enhance trust of all stakeholders and specially the voters. May Allah bless our homeland Pakistan and make our nation great and strong

Mr. Omar Hamid Khan

Secretary ECP

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