Special Initiative Of M&E Wing


In compliance of direction of Hon’ble Election Commission and under guidance of worthy Secretary ECP the under signed is accomplished following tasks to achieved/ accomplish following task in connection with restruction of Monitoring Wing to cater for Electoral and non-electoral monitoring needs of this organization.

  • Human Resource requirement assessed and accordingly skilled H.R was inducted.
  • Likewise IT Equipments needs also has been assessed and up-to-date equipment has been procured for the wing as per need.
  • Launch of Whatsapp Complaints Service to receive and resolved complaints from General public as well as from persons with disabilities specially dumb and deaf.
  • Establishment of state of the art Monitoring Control Room at ECP Secretariat and in future will be extended up to Provincial and District Levels.
  • Special measures were taken under directions of Hon’ble Commission for realization of long due fines into go
  • vernment treasury imposed by the DMOs on account of violations of code of conduct in various previous elections. This made a deterrence perception amongst the political parties as well as candidates and less violations were reported after these recoveries.
  • To meet the requirements of real time Monitoring and achieve faster communication with monitoring teams, a software “Hawk Eye” is developed shortly.
  • Preparation and approval of comprehensive frame work of monitoring related activities for the coming General Elections 2023. The highlights of the frame work are as under, 
    1.  Enhancement of role and scope of monitoring teams.
    2. Appointment of Regional Election Commissioner (RECs) as Regional Monitoring Coordinator (RMCs) to oversee and ensure better coordination at region level.
    3. Introducing new platforms for direct interaction with general public and relevant stakeholders and to receive complaints from them i.e. Whatsapp, exclusive official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts of Monitoring & Evaluation Wing.
    4. Establishment of Control Rooms chains at Central, Provincial and District level.

Training of District Monitoring Officers &  District Monitoring Teams-


Removal illegal & unauthorized publicity material-

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