ECP Officers Successfully Complete In-Service Training at PADRAM

Election Commission of Pakistan
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Dated: 25  August, 2023

ECP Officers Successfully Conclude In-Service Training

*Press Release*

ECP Officers Successfully Complete In-Service Training at PADRAM

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) concluded an intensive 11-days in-service training for 29 newly inducted officers of ECP at Pakistan Electoral Academy for Reasearch and Managment, ECP Secretariat, Islamabad. The training focused on various essential aspects of electoral processes. Officers were trained by experienced ECP officials, enhancing their understanding of the electoral framework.

At the closing ceremony, Additional Director General Training/Gender Ms. Nighat Siddique congratulated the participants and urged them to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their roles. The training initiative complements a previous session at the Civil Services Academy in Lahore, underlining ECP's dedication to continuous improvement and learning.

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