Press release regarding meeting with political parties on 4th October 2023 in connection with code of conduct


Election Commission of Pakistan
Media Coordination and Outreach Wing

Press Release
Dated: 20th September, 2023

The Election Commission of Pakistan scheduled a consultation meeting with political parties for upcoming General Elections in accordance with Section 233 of the Elections Act 2017 regarding the Code of Conduct on 4th October, 2023, at 2:00 PM at the Election Commission Secretariat Islamabad. In this regard, a copy of the draft Code of Conduct has also been sent to the leaders of political parties so that they can provide their feedback during the consultation. A copy of the draft Code of Conduct is also available on the Election Commission's website

Spokesperson, Election Commission

  • Code of Conduct Draft ( English)
  • Code of Conduct Draft ( Urdu)
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