• Dealing matters related to media; Preparation of press-Release, Press-Notes, clarifications, Rebuttals, News tickers , Media briefings and advertisements etc
  • Conducting Public Awareness Campaigns/ Voter & Civic Education across the country
  • Supervision of District Voter Education Committees
  • Daily clippings and its timely presentation to the Hon’ble Election Commission and all senior officers
  • Publication of ECP Newsletter & pictorial magazine
  • Coordination with PEC offices related to media affairs and public outreach campaigns
  • Overall supervision & guidance to all four Provincial Media Coordination & Outreach Wings. 
  • Managing social media monitoring and response mechanism and content of ECP Twitter Accounts
  • Issuance of Accreditation cards to national and International Observers and national & international media
  • Issuance of Code of conduct for media and national & international observers
  • coordinating with other wings and PEC offices for on time and smooth flow of information
  • Electronic media monitoring
  • Arranging media workshops , CSOs Workshops at important occasions
  • Development of Special content/articles on role and mandate of ECP, electoral laws and procedures for creating awareness among public about ECP
  • Digital media campaign : Production of short videos of Voter Education for social media in collaboration with our development partners
  • Managing the communication strategies i.e. formulating digital media strategy
  • Arranging and coordinating Mega events like National Voters’ Day(NVD)


Contact No: 051-9204238

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