Responsibilities of IT Wing
  • Assist Election Commission of Pakistan in all technology related matters including IT Governance, IT Policy, Operations and Development.
  • Managing the information technology infrastructure to provide IT services, for protecting the information technology, data resources, and system applications.
  • Continuous improvement and technological reforms across ECP to maximize the overall efficiency, coordination and effectiveness of its service delivery.
  • Coordinate with foreign delegates, electoral and technology consultants, international organizations like UNDP, IFES etc. and higher government officials of different Ministries to strengthen the development processes of IT and Electoral technologies;
  • Analyzes complex business requirements and make recommendations to the Competent Authority for technical solutions, ensuring that these solutions are aligned with the overall ECP’s vision, mission and direction;
  • Review the strategic roadmap, ensuring that information technology capabilities continually support the overall ECP’s goals and objectives;
  • Devise IT policies, procedures and implementation procedures that enables strong security and risk-management capabilities;
  • To coordinate and communicate with other Government departments, private IT companies, Internet and web hosting services providers for reliable & smooth operations;
  • Management & troubleshooting network & information security infrastructure, software management & operations, servers & other hardware infrastructure and services running in ECP.
  • Management of ECP’s official Website, Social Media Accounts and other Portals, related databases, and security policies.
  • Management of ECP computer networks i.e. LAN, WAN, VPN and ensures smooth operations. Database, Network design and implementation.
  • Implementation of secure e-mail system (Intranet) exclusively for ECP & ensure robust operations.
  • Assist and support the Project Management Unit in all processes.


Contact No: 051-9201587

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