Responsibilities of TR&E (Training, Research and Evaluation) Wing
  • All PUCs and File Work (Noting & Drafting, Presentations) and take necessary approvals of different activities.
  • Prepare Training Plans for the trainings of election officials and assess budgetary implications for the followings:
    1. General Elections
    2. Presidential Elections
    3. Senate Elections
    4. Local Government Elections
    5. Cantonment Boards Elections
    6. Bye-Elections
  • Development of following Training Material for the conduct of trainings of election officials i.e. District Returning Officers, Returning Officers, District Monitoring Officers, Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Officers.
    1. Handbook for District Returning Officers.
    2. Handbook for Returning Officers.
    3. Handbook for Presiding Officers & Sr. APOs.
    4. Trainer’s Manual for DROs/ROs/Polling Personnel.
    5. Other Training Material i.e. Placemat, Leaflet etc.
  • Coordinate with Development Partners or quarter concerned for making logistical arrangements required for the implementation of training plans.
  • Prepare training plans and coordinate within the Secretariat, PEC offices and field offices for the conduct of trainings for Capacity Building of ECP officers / officials at Pakistan’s Electoral Academy for Democratic Practices, Research and Management, ECP Sectt and also collaborate with other departments and stakeholders.
  • Issue sanctions for training fee / honorarium to the trainers engaged for trainings.
  • Coordinate with Establishment Division for nomination of mandatory courses:
    1. NMC
    2. SMC
    3. MCMC
  • Deal all the matters of payment of training fee (approval & Sanctions) in respect of participants of MCMC, SMC and NMC.
  • Explore and leverage local and international training opportunities.


Contact No: 051-9213880

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