Online Recruitment System (ORS):

The ORS was developed, implemented and operational successfully since April, 2020 for inviting online applications from potential candidates against various jobs vacancies by following International Standards and world best practice. More than 300,000 online applications have been efficiently handled with maximum accuracy rate.

Online Complaint Management System (CMS):

CMS was developed, deployed and operational successfully since September 2020. The system does allow stakeholders to launch and send complaint directly to the offices of Hon’ CEC, Secretary, Special Secretary, all Provincial Election Commissioners, all Regional Election Commissioners and all District Election Commissioners. Each complaint is tracked and recorded electronically with strict real-time monitoring and International Standard ticket generating system. The complainant can see the tracking of his/her complaint till it is handled and addressed on each desk. About more than 11,000 complaints have been successfully handled so far resultantly it enhances the public trust and confidence on ECP.

Short Message Service (SMS) Push Solution:

This technology is being used for transmission of bulk messages to different stakeholders of ECP like officers/staff, beat reporters of electronic/print media and relevant lawyers. The said service was also used during the process of hiring of nationwide Election Officers since February 2021 to date. More than 250,000 candidates were intimated using SMS on timely manner. This out of box solution is extremely useful for ECP because it directly sends messages to the stakeholder via SMS bypassing conventional or old traditional postal systems. By virtue of this, ECP is capable to address each and every person/individual via reliable SMS service along with its features of audit trail and event logs. This automated system generated approximately 300,000 plus SMS with audit trail while processing applications of more than 300,000 candidates for different posts, however, the same system is also in use for Law and PR Wings.

ECP’s Helpline Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

ECP’s Tele Helpline (IVR) service was inaugurated by the Hon’ CEC on ‘National Voters Day’ on 7th December, 2020 in ECP Secretariat, Islamabad. It facilities the general public to get vital information in the form of pre-recorded automated voice messages (bilingual Urdu and English) 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It contains the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Voter’s List, Elections, Local Government Elections and Gender. For any other specific query, the system does allow the caller to connect official concerned in ECP Secretariat as well as all PECs offices during office timings (9 to 5). About 150,000 number of calls have been received so far since its implementation and this further enhanced the overall digital presence of ECP in the form tele helpline online services rendered to the public at large.

Up-gradation of Computerized Electoral Rolls System (CERS) Data Network:

The IT Wing has successfully conducted nationwide survey of all RECs and all DECs offices to check the availability of last-mile Fiber Optics infrastructure with National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). The upgradation of CERS network is mandatory for reliable, secure and speedy operations of CERS, RMS, CMS, Video Conferencing, etc as it makes the whole network fault tolerant. The contract has been signed with NTC to upgrade last mile from copper to Fiber Optics using high speed data communication path at all RECs level country wide. This has now been the critical infrastructure of ECP where data travel with speed of light in a highly secure manner.

Human Resource Management System:

HR MIS system is a tool that allows the employees’ information to be stored and processed into a dynamic database. It is helpful in managing employee’s history record, producing variety of charts & graphs, leave record, and maintenance of attendance records, etc. The reporting end of the MIS has been deployed for availability of digital information in the offices of Hon’ble CEC, worthy Secretary and Additional Secretary. According to Establishment branches, the data entry has been completed for effective use of HR MIS for daily decision making processes.

Video Conferencing Solution for ECP and Provincial HQs:

It allows to connect state-of-the-art video conferencing solution with ECP Secretariat to all the PECs offices using dedicated private, secure and direct audio and video real-time streaming. It helps to virtually connect for holding official meetings through video conferencing system and delivering online presentations and demonstrations. ECP is benefitted to use high speed video conferencing facility on weekly and daily basis.

Use of Optical Mark Recognition (O.M.R) Technology during Exams of nationwide hiring of Election Officers:

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) system is the cutting-edge technology that facilitates to pick and check paper sheets automatically. This system was introduced for digitally scanning and verifying of papers during hiring processes of Election Officers posts in March, 2021 and different other posts in ECP/PECs nationwide. This system does allow checking of papers automatically and accumulates obtained marks into the database. This is an international standard of paper marking system resultantly it upheld the basic principle of merit and transparency along with in-built audit and accountability system on each step. The system automatically, transparently, accurately and efficiently checked more than 70,000 plus papers of candidates. The said system produced automated merit list on the basis of approved business policy given by the competent authority and wherein no human interaction was involved to uphold the highest level of the principles of impartiality, secrecy, accuracy, speed, transparency alongwith complete event logs of each and every process and record.

Online Scrutiny System for Senate Election-2021:

Online Scrutiny is a computerized system which authenticates the credential/ data of the nominated candidates. The online scrutiny system was introduced to facilitate Returning Officers for quick verification and authentication of papers being submitted by the nominated candidates via online systems connected with NADRA, FBR, NAB, SBP, FIA and other government organizations. It efficiently helps the R.Os to verify papers from updated databases of relevant organizations directly. Each organization certify in writing about credentials of candidates. This system supported R.Os for instant decision making during the scrutiny process. The Returning Officers electronically sends Names & CNICs of nominated candidates to ECP Facilitation Cell. Facilitation cell then transmits it to NADRA for the augmentation of required family tree information and send it back to ECP. The detailed information received through NADRA then forwarded to the different organizations like NAB, FBR, SBP, FIA in order to gather accurate & verified data on real-time basis. This is an unconventional highly effective method of scrutinizing the data using preemptive technology and was found to be very beneficial for R.Os.

Upgradation of Result Transmission System:

ECP has taken the initiative and tested the specialized app (SpotLense) during Bye- Elections by installing the app on Presiding Officers smart phones for capturing of forensic information on Form-45. By using the app, ECP can track and verify the following forensic details of Form-45: • Geo location stamping of the Form-45 picture taken • Date & time stamping of the Form-45 picture taken • Date & time stamping of Form-45 picture received

Multiple Entry using new Result Management System (RMS):

For efficient and smooth working of result compilation and tabulation at RO office, ECP has upgraded RMS software to enhance the efficiency of the system and to allow multiple data entry of Form-45 from different workstations simultaneously. Now, ECP has designed and developed in-house new RMS comprising cutting edge technology stacks, it is much secure, efficient and easy to learn. The new RMS system has been successfully operational since beginning of year 2022 and it as has been in use more than two dozen bye-elections successfully. More than 150 officials are got trained across the country on this new RMS system. It is capable to handle multiple data entry stations to save time, money and effort. This will drastically increase the speed for result compilation. Development and launching of a separate and dedicated Election Portal is facilitating to ECP to get online real-time reporting live results across Pakistan. The new RMS is also capable to work offline mode wherein all Forms-45 will be entered and in response, it will generate Forms 47, 48 and 49 even without any Internet service. The whole system is tested and checked as per Standards.

Data Center (EOI Ready) – NIE Building:

ECP has chalked down the minimum requirements to upgrade the infrastructure to provide services for Data Centre. Final RFP has been drafted and after seeking approval by the Competent Authority, the same will be published in newspaper. The Data Centre is process of establishment to make ECP more digitally independent and secure.

Public Outreach through Social Media (Official Status i.e. Blue Tick):

ECP’s Social Media Accounts were created in 2020. As per Strategic Plan, official accounts of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been created for interacting with rest of the world. Presently, ECP is using Facebook account to share ECP official news at social media platform. This service can help to enhance transparency and bridge gap between ECP and voters.

Revamping of ECP Website and Mobile App (Testing + Migration):

ECP’s new website has been revamped with the assistance of NITB (Ministry of IT & Telecom) and currently the data migration of the website content is in progress. The Mobile app is updated and launched for IOS and Android users.

Nationwide Online Real-Time Biometric Attendance System:

The software of online attendance system integration with HRMS and Hardware has been tested locally. Once the Biometric Attendance System hardware will be available, the same will be integrated with HRMS and deployed in ECP Secretariat as well as office of DEC Islamabad in a first instance. The said Biometric System comprises AFIS, Facial, Palm Detection, RFID Card Detection and PIN security features.

2-D Bar Code Technologies:

ECP has successfully tested the 2-D bar code technology printing on a ballot paper and its counter foil. The choice of voter will remain secret but ECP will be able to tamper with secrecy of ballot in case of any doubt or complaint. This technology is ready for adoption for use in future Senate Elections subject to direction by the ECP.

8300 SMS (ECP’s International Award Winning service):

ECP introduced 8300 SMS for stakeholders in February, 2012, which now have been completed more than 10 successful years. During the said time, no hacking attempt made, its highly secure and transparent SMS service for voters across country. Voter can see his/her vote instantly by sending 13 digits CNIC at 8300 and get voting details. The ICPS declared this 8300 SMS as pioneer in the World and awarded two International Awards. Since then, more than 250 million mobile users have checked their voting details so far successfully.

Pilot Projects on EVM/BVM and Overseas Voting using Internet Voting System:

ECP had conducted pilot projects on BVM dated 17th September, 2017 in NA-120, EVM dated 26th November, 2017 in NA-4 and Overseas Voting using Internet Voting System dated 14th October, 2018 in 35 constituencies and submitted all its report to the Parliament under Sections 94 and 103 for obtaining their feedback and which is still awaited. Currently, ECP launched Expression on Interest (EOI) to invite all vendors of EVM to bring their machines and pilot tests in near future. The demonstrations have been accomplished and other steps are being taken by Project Management Unit (PMU) and R&D Wing.

Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU) and Research & Development Wing:

ECP has established dedicated Project Management Unit (PMU) by hiring IT Consultant, Project Director, Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager to work on deploying in-house Data Centre and Printing Facility in the premises. Similarly, ECP established proper Research and Development Wing by hiring PhD Doctor level professional to dedicatedly working on various research assignments particularly on EVM, BVM, Overseas Voting Systems, etc..

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